Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fight vs. Flight

It has been a while since I took the time to sit down and update all of you. The last few months have been chaotic  wonderful challenging busy interesting. 

James is over 8 months old now. He loves oatmeal and squash. He's bursting with personality. He enjoys bouncing in his jumper seat, and he would play peek-a-boo (Wheres James?!?) for hours if he could find someone willing to participate for that long. 

Today is our 45th day in a hospital. This is his second hospital stay since our last update and his 5th visit overall. After he recovered from RSV in February, he picked up human metapneumovirus and a touch of pneumonia in April. Now, he has another virus that has landed us back on our usual floor at Cooks. He requires regular breathing treatments and oxygen support when he's sleeping. But, he is taking it all like a champ!

He smiles even when he's obviously uncomfortable. He laughs even after we suction all of the junk out of his brain nose.  He plays even when he's hooked up to tubes and monitors. In short... James is taking all of this way better than his parents are. 

I just read an article about anxiety and how it relates to our natural fight or flight responses. Tonight I have my own version of that theory. Tonight  I am too tied to fight. Tonight I am going to sit and fantasize about taking a flight to an all-inclusive beach resort that serves pretty drinks with umbrellas. 

P.S. We are currently reevaluating James' daycare situation. While we LOVE his teachers, his immune system is just not ready for a classroom setting. If any of our friends and family in our area know someone that Is keeping a small number of kids at home, or might be willing to make some extra money hanging out with an adorable baby during the week, please let me know! You know where to find us!